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At Sleep Health Clinic, we are sincerely committed to patient privacy. 


Under the Health Insurance Portability and accountability (HIPAA)laws, any " individually identifiable health information"  including patient name, date of birth, SSN, telephone number, email address, demographic details, biometric identifiers, medical record number, car registration number, credit card details or payment information, past/present/future medical history, treatment history, patient data in any written/image/video format that contains identifiable information are protected..     


Permitted use and disclosure of Protected Health Information( PHI)

Your personal and demographic information, medical and medication history and insurance details would be obtained from you and verified at every appointment to ensure the information we have on file is accurate and updated. We may use your PHI for the following:

1. Treatment - to provide and coordinate your health care and related services; for example we may disclose your health information to your referring physician, primary care physician or any other physician/provider who is involved in your health care.   

2. Payment - insurance payors may require copies of your medical information to determine coverage /benefits of health care services, to pay or reimburse your health care physician for the services rendered. Billing companies also use the PHI to process the claims before submitting to your insurance. Please be informed that the insurance payors, billing companies are also regulated by the HIPAA laws. 

3. Health care operations - licensing, credentialing and accreditation, quality assessment activities, medical reviews or audits, legal services, clinic management and general administration.

This clinic has no jurisdiction over any entity that is mandated by law to use PHI as regulated by the US Department of Human and Health Services (HHS). For further details , please refer to the following link.


Our clinic will not use your PHI for marketing purposes without your permission.

Your PHI would not be disclosed to your family members or friends without your verbal or written permission. 

In case of termination of care at this clinic, your health information would continue to be protected as outlined in this notice. 

 Any authorization you provide to us regarding the use and disclosure of your PHI may be revoked at any time in writing. We will no longer use or disclose your PHI for the reasons described in the authorization. 


If you have any concerns regarding our privacy practices, please contact us at 360-602-1218. Any complaints submitted to the clinic must be submitted in writing. You will not be penalized for filing a complaint.. This practice reserves the right to amend our privacy policy as dictated by law, which will be posted on our website. 


You are entitled to receive a paper copy of this notice of privacy practice at any time.

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